Wikileaks: Meles complains of Shifting US policy


This cable from 2009 discusses EPRDF’s frustration with shifting US policy. While the Ethiopian government has succeeded in defeating different resolutions introduced in the U.S. congress through intense lobbying and discussions with members of congress (see for example here and here), Ethiopia has been included in an appropriations bill as one of the places that congress needs to be informed of before assistance can be disbursed along with countries such Iran, Libya, Sudan and Zimbabwe without its notice.

Meles and Co. see this as indicative of a shift in US foreign policy towards Ethiopia. Yamamoto, the then U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia, comments that the way Meles communciated the matter

… reflects a genuine fear on the part of the GoE that this “shift” will weaken their position domestically and internationally, thus opening the door for their “enemies” to gain more power and/or traction.

Along the way, the ambassador also confirms what many opposition political figures in Ethiopia have been saying about the neutrality of U.S. policy as it relates to the Ethiopian government’s actions both inside and outside of the country .

This [fear] is not an unreasonable conclusion on their [the GoE’s] part given the de facto cover that the USG has provided them over the past few years — particularly after 2005 — and what it might mean if that cover was reduced.


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