Wikileaks: In case you thought U.S. diplomats don’t have a sense of humor…


A cable from the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa details how Lucy (the 3 million plus year old hominid) has asked for asylum in the U.S. Whoever wrote it has great potential as a satirist.

Excerpt below:


1. (SBU) In a move that shocked the paleo-human rights community,
Lucy -- the 3.2 million year old hominid fossil discovered in rural
Ethiopia in 1974 -- claimed asylum in Seattle during the second leg
of her North American tour.  The move has illuminated
socio-political dynamics among our ancestors and taken a political
tone within the diaspora while also illuminating cultural quirks of
twenty-first century American society. 


2. (SBU) Immediately upon issuing her asylum plea, Lucy became a
cause celebre among the politically restive Ethiopian Diaspora who
immediately began using the move for its own anti-government ends.
Within hours the blogosphere erupted with comment.  Dr. Hailu Hailu
Hailu, President of the Washington State chapter of the Alliance for
the Reliberation of Ethiopia said, "Lucy is proof of the Ethiopian
government's mistreatment...when she got off the plane in the U.S.,
she was just a skeleton!"  In a breaking news interview with Voice
of America, the Ethiopian Ambassador said "whatever she said, she's
lying."  Hominid Rights Watch (HRW) posted a statement on its
website noting "If she is saying that the Ethiopian government
mistreated her, we support her." 

You can read the rest here.


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