Wikileaks: Bereket’s Warnings


Here is an interesting cable from Wikileaks in which Bereket tries to convince Huddleston (the then chargé) that someone needs to do something to stop congress from embarrassing EPRDF. The one line summaries of Bereket’s statements are humorous enough – “you give me one rose, but many thorns”, “why I am pouting”, “show me you love me … or else.”   Bereket harps on that the regime has always done what the US wanted and why, oh why, are they not getting enough love? At least Meles’s communications convey some level of independence from the US (an example here).  Huddleston did later write an editorial in the New York Times that argued against congressional action after leaving her post in Addis.

The cable also highlights the active role that the embassy played in the establishment of the CUDP.  In another cable Meles suggests that donors provide financial support to the new CUDP (see #6).


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